So this is where I’m coming from

There’s a lot of hate on the internet.  I’m not really interested in that.  I’m also not interested in discussing anything serious or meaningful.

There are a lot of strong opinions online and I’m interested in a few things that people tend to be passionate about.  My intent is to discuss stuff that I’m interested in but to try and dodge the hateful discussions that tends to spring up from some of these topics.  We’ll see how I do.

Here’s a rundown of a few of the things I’m interested in and will write likely about:

PlayStation – I’ve had a PlayStation system in my house for the last ten years.  I took a gaming hiatus for a couple years after the SNES era and I later reentered once the PSOne hit around $99 and I haven’t looked back since.  I still respect Nintendo and I don’t feel as though I fit into Microsoft’s target demographic but Sony’s first party content really clicks with me.  I don’t think Sony is perfect and they’ve made plenty of dumb mistakes but I’m sticking with them for my gaming fix, at least for now.

Marvel – I’ve never been much for reading comics but the Marvel universe has always appealed to me more than DC.  The recent explosion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced a ton of content that’s right in my wheelhouse.  I still like bits and pieces from DC like Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies but overall, I prefer Marvel.

Single Camera Comedies – Preferring single cam comedies can be a calling card for hipster TV fans.  I don’t hate multi camera comedies I just coincidentally like a lot of single camera shows.  I’m currently digging Community, Cougar Town and Parks and Recreation but I’m still absolutely in love with Scrubs and particularly 30 Rock.  Oh, 30 Rock.  I still feel a little pain every Thursday night at 8 Eastern, 9 Central when 30 Rock used to be on.

Podcasts – Okay, so this ties into the PlayStation item since I mostly listen to gaming podcasts but I do branch out a bit.  Here’s a few of my favorites: The Giant Bombcast, Weekend Confirmed, IGN Podcast Beyond, The Nerdist and Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler

So here’s the deal: I’m going to write about stuff I like.  If you really don’t like the same things and want to argue, go somewhere else – I’ll delete comments like that.  I’m not into hating but I do have opinions on stuff and I will express them but from the above details, you’ll know where I’m coming from.  If you have similar likes and/or you’re a reasonable human being, make yourself at home – we’ll have lots to talk about (maybe).

I may also write about some non-nerdy stuff at times too.  That’s just a heads up so please don’t be scared.


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